Triad PC Support FAQs

Triad PC Support's Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we receive frequently via email and phone. This list can help save you some time!

Are you open today?

Our hours are from 10 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Thursday. We're closed on weekends. We will post any weather-related, holiday, or other closings on our site's front page. If there's no particular notice, and it's within our regular hours, then we're open!

How much does it cost to get (X) fixed?

Providing an accurate quote requires seeing the device in person. You'll need to come in with your device. To get an idea of the possible cost see our pricing page.

Do you fix Macs?

No, we do not. However, click here for a business that does, and we recommend you call them.

Do you fix only PCs?/only Macs?/only Chromebooks?

We only fix Windows-based PCs.

Do you fix TVs/monitors?

No, we don't repair TVs or monitors. Unfortunately, we're not aware of any local resources that do.

Do you fix printers?

No, we don't repair printers. They're usually cheaper to replace than to fix.

Do you fix phones?

No, we specialize in computers. Phones require specialized equipment and skills. However, the business on this page can help you.

Do you fix tablets?

No, but you can check with the providers we suggest for phone service. They may be able to help.

Do you fix game consoles?

We do not fix game consoles.

Do you have a battery for (X)?

We can probably get a battery, but we don't stock batteries due to the endless variety and shelf-life concerns.

How much is your diagnostic fee?

Our minimum labor/ diagnostic fee is $35*. It is due at the time of drop-off. We will not do anything that will cost you more than $35 without giving you a call first. If you choose to go forward with the repair, the $35 will be applied toward the labor on the repair.

*Diagnostic fee for custom built computers is $120 and covers diagnostic, software repairs and component installation.

What's your turnaround time?

We typically complete most diagnoses in less than 24 hours, and repairs generally require 24-48 hours unless we need parts. Parts can typically be acquired in 3-5 days.

Where are you located?

Please refer to our "Location Info & Maps" page for details.

Do you have any computers for sale right now?

Our available computers for sale are listed on our "Items For Sale" page.

Do you buy computers?

No, we don't buy computers from the public. Consider selling online via Craigslist, Swappa, or Facebook Marketplace.

Can you come to my house?

Unfortunately, we don't offer house calls or on-site visits for various reasons.


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